Monday, January 01, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #1

Johnnie Walker Black Label 12yo
Blended Scotch Whisky
43% abv

Loved by everyone from Winston Churchill to Leonard Cohen and happily nosed and tasted on New Years morn by yours truly, Johnnie Walker is a real legend of the whisky world. And thus serves as the perfect first dram in this malt mission...

The flurry of flavours enjoyed in every JWBlack can be attributed to the 40 whiskies(35 malt, 5 grain) that are blended to create this beauty. Formerly known as the Extra Special Old Highland Whisky, Johnnie Walker Black delivers every time I have it.


Sweet, apples and honey, soft brown pears, custardy cream smell, cakey, lively and fresh in the nose. malted barley and a good whisky smell. Not necessarily a peatiness, but a definite burnt or toasty character about it.

Has grainy assertiveness that keeps you on your toes through a development of flavour that lasts at least 20 seconds. Subtle and constantly changing in the mouth. Starts really sweet, but a nice sweet, like kissing rather than talking about kissing. Moves into oaky territory, winey and grapey with leafy breezes of herbal tastes. Slowly developing long finish of smoky clothes sweetened with a body spray of vanilla, apples and honey (pay attention Body Shop!)

Pleasantly sweet for introductions and then takes you on a pleasant ever-developing flavour ride. Long finish.

(When I added water a fishy salty sourness emerged, like real licorice with rotting carcass. NB- do not cut with water, it is at its best at full strength). But absolutely lovely on tons of ice.


It all starts with a great tradition. Innovation in blending passed down through generations. Clever opportunism. Marketing genius. Branding and re-branding. Skill to be able to constistenly blend a tasty whisky for over 150 years. Then finally put it in a sexy bottle to decorate our shelf and you have a world-class knock-out dram.

I can still taste the damn thing.

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Pradeep Pollachi said...

After having Black Label.I hate RED LABEL...
you need to add Spring water.needs to be diluted...

Or ICE cubes..

or SODA-Mineral water with 30ml of black label will be good...

You need to have it with water...

Pradeep Pollachi said...

Sides for Black Label
recommended(This combines well with Bombay sapphire Gin,valentines 12 year old scotch, Red Label and KINGFISHER BEER)
before drink scotch or vodka or gin...
Please have Pepsi and a beer tumbler of tap water... and combine these Indian snacks..
These are the famous recipes are in SOUTH INDIAN BARS aka PUBS-TAMIL NADU..CHENNAI AND COIMBATORE--You must visit our place called OOTY(OOTACAMUND) where British found the rail ,snookers and tea estates and there still clubs there with the British ambiance

1)Semi dry Gravy-Pepper Chicken or HAM or Quail with lots of spring onions on it..

2)Masala Nuts-Recipes-5 mins...

a-Branded-Nobby's 100gms of Salted peanuts..

b-Chopped Red onions-1 no

c-Black powdered Pepper-2 teaspoons

d-Lemon Squeeze- 1 Tablespoon
organic Carrot(chopped or grated)-1 no

e-Half teaspoon white vinegar
Mix it and keep it aside for 5 mins and ready to service just sprinkle add coriander leaves for looks.. Now its ready to enjoy scotch..

3) Chopped fresh Paprika Pine and Cucumber-Continental..
Mix in the mixer with salt and Paprika Chillies and season with lime squeeze..

4)Indian Lajjit Punjabi Masala-Papad toasted..(do not deep fry.)-Get the tips from the net..
you top it with stir fried italian tomatos spinach and white onions in this papad..

5) Stir fried- Organic cabbage carrot capsicum..
No ginger garlic needed...
Step 1-Pour 2 tablespoons of Sunflower oil in wok
heat it well...
Step 2-Add URAD dhall(Indian store) and Channa dhall(Indian Store) fried it till gets brown..
Step 3-add 2 finely chopped white onions and Indian STORE-frozen green chillies fry it in medium till it gets brown..
Step 4-Add Turmeric powder(Indian store) 1 teaspoon andc

Finally add the sliced capsicum ,carrot and the cabbage
cook it in medium heat for 10 mins..

then its ready to serve...

6)Indian Store-Haldirams MIXTURE with rice crisps go for the spicy one

Please try all these with scotch..

Pradeep Pollachi said...

Cutty Sark And famous Grouse is a total crap compared to BLACK label...


I love JW BLACK...

Jason Debly said...

I agree with your statement that adding water does not improve this wonderful blend. Ironically, water in another form, namely "ice" does something wonderful for Johnnie Walker Black.

So, bottom line,drink with ice or neat.

Pradeep Pollachi said...

2 cubes of ice is enough

Ice made in spring water or mineral water in ice tray...or keep the spring water bottle in freezer for 1 hour...