Monday, January 15, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #11

Te Bheag
Connoisseurs Blend
Blended Whisky
40% abv

Not TEA BAG. But it does make it a memorable whisky. It is pronounced 'chey vek', Te Bheag translates to 'little lady', but in colloquial terms means 'a wee dram'. It has a high malt content of 35%(which means that a variety of single malts make up 35% of the whisky inside each bottle, and grain whisky makes up the rest) and contains Islay, Island, Highland and Speyside malts all 8-11 years old.
Made by the Gaelic Whisky company, Praban na Linne Ltd., this is some cool packaging for a pretty friendly price.
Pràban na Linne was established in 1976 by landowner and merchant banker Sir Iain noble. The impetus for starting the business was to benefit the struggling economy of Skye. Unemployment was high and new investment was badly needed. They label all their releases in the Gaelic language as Sir Iain holds the belief that where a language dies, brain drain and economic problems ensue. He has done a lot for Skye, Scotland, and Gaelic language and culture.


Tropical fruit-and-nut breakfast cereal, hand cream, sweet creamy graininess in the back. Saltiness, jam and powdered sugar.

Role reversal on the palate, with the sweet vanilla and coconut grains taking the lead. Very matter of fact. Peat, dry malt, sweet grain. Buttery oak and a touch of sherry influence. Medium bodied but heavy in character. Finishes dry like cocoa powder in the mouth, with the flavour of that example too. Slow to fade.


This was really nice. Yet more evidence that perhaps tasting in the morning gives whisky an unfair advantage. I usually am not that fond of this whisky, I find it too outdoorsy and abraisive. Today I enjoyed it very much. Good thing I am not giving scores. Screwy.

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Jason Debly said...

This is a very good blend. I would say the best from recent bottles I have had. Mind you it is more money than Teacher's but worth every penny.

It is a gem that I think could be a big success if it had some marketing dollars put behind it.