Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #293

Glendronach 12 yo
Speyside Single Malt Whisky
40% abv
$51.20 (CAD) *
$50 (USD)

What a wild few months it has been. I have now lived in 10 different accommodations since April 1, 2008. Perhaps I should consciously begin a couch-surfing campaign with my suitcase of clothes and suitcase of spirit. While I am getting tired of having the same set of clothes for nearly two months, the second suitcase is certainly getting lighter. Ah, Dr. Whisky is dedicated.

In 2004, this release replaced the 100% sherry cask matured Glenronach 15yo (Malt Mission #30). It is made up of a mixture of ex-bourbon, regular oak casks (meaning barrels that have held whiskies too many times to be called ex-anything), and ex-sherry casks. Additionally, this bottling (at least currently) was likely made from barley malted at the distillery, a on-site process which ceased in 1996.

For more distillery info and to see all Glendronach had on the mission, click HERE. Tasted with LR and MH.

* - currently on offer at LCBO (3 bucks off)


Sherried sweetness, lots of oak, citrus, "synthetic aromas like washing-up liquid". Cherry chocolate and a mustiness, some organic notes and a persistent nuttiness.

Great mouthfeel, "sweet and chewy", grows a bit woody and tannin-ed.


Mouthfeel alone confirms the influence this malt has on Teachers blended whiskies. Good malt whisky although simple. Oaky, sherried, and pretty decent.

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