Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #292

Glentauchers 1990 (bottled 2006)
Gordon & Macphail

Single Malt Whisky
40% abv


So we're gonna have a GLEN-filled week here on the Malt Mission and continue today with another offering from Gordon and Macphail, a company who for many years was the only outlet for single malt whiskies from countless distilleries around Scotland. That is how most independent bottlers began; because most distillers were 100% dedicated to producing malts as components in blends, single malts were not widely available until the 1970s. Acquiring casks from distilleries, independent bottlers would bottle and release them locally. The tradition continues today, although it is much more difficult to source quality casks as most distillers have their own proprietary bottling needs. Speaking of indie bottlers, I saw a Douglas Laing Old Malt Cask in IRON MAN over the weekend. Among the most esoteric of product placements I have ever seen... or noticed.

Built in 1898 to supply malt for James Buchanan's blended whiskies, Glentauchers is today used mainly for Ballantine's. Like yesterday's Glenburgie, a 15yo was released for a short run in 2000 but other than that, official bottlings don't exist. I read that production ceased between 1985 and 1992, but this and several other independent bottlings (Wilson and Morgan, Duncan Taylor) also share the 1990 distillation date. I can only assume that there was intermittent production, largely sold off to independent interests, after Allied purchased the distillery in 1989.

Tasted with IM.


Apricot, orange marmalade, carrot muffins, sweet and sour winey aroma, roasted chestnuts, salty vegetable soup broth, and a little nail polish.

Sherry, but soggy sherry, as if it was a damp sock of a cask. Suntan lotion, shea butter. Some bitterness like rye or fennel tea. Inder says, "tastes thin but expensive."


Simple but appealing enough nose, some rubber and bitterness at times, but I would still say its a nice drop to have on the shelf because a) it's something that most your friends have never had, and b) won't cost you much for the thrill of obscurity.

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