Thursday, March 06, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #264

Glengoyne Billy's Choice 1989
Highland Single Malt Whisky
54.1% abv

Glengoyne warehouseman and engineer Billy's choice is an 18 year old whisky that spent its last 10 years in amontillado sherry casks, casks that held a type of sherry that is lighter than oloroso but darker than fino. This was awarded a silver medal in the 2007 Malt Maniac's Awards.

Have to share something I read in a newspaper sidebar today:

Whisky is said to have many magical qualities and now it has one more--as a weapon against polluted waste sites. A by-product of teh spirit is almost 100% effective in cleaning contaminated ground water, it has been found. It is hoped the technique known as 'Dram' will cut down on the £1.2billion Britain spends each year on clearing waste sites. "This is groundbreaking technology," said researcher Dr. Graeme Paton of Aberdeen University.

Brilliant. And it's called DRAM (
Device for the Remediation and Attenuation of Multiple pollutants).
Congratulations to the research team! Read more on the story HERE, HERE, and wherever else you look.

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Heavy, doughy, some sulphur and birch bark. Toffee and some mint in background. Sweet at the core, pleasantly sour at the fore. Eggy and sherried, rum-my, woody, sour apples. Dry nose, if that is possible.

Rich, sweet, sappy. Paper, Dr. Pepper. Black coffee and burnt sugar. A sherried (obviously) finish with oak, chianti, and over-cloved apple pie.


For the sherry freaks--not subtle, not Glengoyne, not for everyone. But those who will like it will like it a lot.

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Anonymous said...

there is no sherry from montilla, sam. the sherry named amontillado is so named because it resembles the wine of montilla.