Thursday, July 12, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #119

Balvenie 15 yo
Single Barrel

Single Malt Whisky

47.8% abv


Still kicking it Speyside-style and coming back to the stills of Dufftown. Had a couple of very tasty Balvenie's last week (Malt Mission 113 and 114) and am quite excited to try this as a part of the mission. Thanks to William Grant and Sons for sending me the samples. If they had included a letter or business card or ANYTHING in the package other than samplers, I could thank them personally and relay questions readers have had (is the 10yo being phased out completely?), but oh well. Down to business...


Feisty with spirit. Back garden smells of flowers and trees. Hard yellow plums. Quite mineral, and slightly salty. Time and water bring out a particular synthetic creaminess(Cool Whip) I absolutely love in bourbon matured whiskies.

Hard, salty licorice, honey and nuts. Apricots. A little bit of papadoms with Indian spices, pickle. Hard, woody, and quick. Water adds a lavender presence, and absolutely kills the bite... and the flavour.


A very individual Balvenie, and an odd one at that. It should be said that this is from a wee sampler and as all the 15 year olds are single barrel, this will vary from release to release. Unfortunately, there are no details of cask number, filling/bottling dates, etc. After really enjoying the 10 and 12 last week, I was a bit disappointed with this overall but appreciate its uniqueness among the Balvenie range.

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