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Malt Mission 2008 #315

Glenfiddich Vintage Cask 1977
Glenfiddich Vintage Cask 1977
Cask #4414
Speyside Single Malt Whisky

54.1% abv


$750 (USD)

While Glenfiddich fast approaches becoming the first single malt to sell 1million cases in a single year we begin to see signs of a possible downturn for the booming decade that Scotch whisky has enjoyed. And no, it is not because interest in waning or scotch is losing out some competition with bourbon/vodka/rum, but it is because the planet is producing insufficent food for demand, it is because the poorest people in the world cannot afford to feed themselves or their families, it is because people cannot afford homes they cannot afford, it is because the richest people in the world have invisible money that is vanishing (paradox?). Good times!

So here is a luxury good perfectly suited to be enjoyed as the ship sinks. May all this hardship rekindle a sense of community that has been eroded for so long in western culture and bring us back to the fundamental importance of taking care of one another. So let's share this proverbial bottle and come together.

This year's Vintage Cask release from Glenfiddich was selected from a shortlist chosen by David Stewart and Brian Kinsman of six european oak casks from 1975 and 1977. Both David and warehouseman Don Ramsay were around when this cask was filled (in fact, Don had been at Glenfiddich nearly twenty years at that point!). The other selection panelists this year were authors Gavin D Smith and Walter Schobert, restauranteur Jimmy Bradley, and Russian whisky expert Erkin Touzmohamedov. The cask yielded 450 bottles. Check out the Glenfiddich Channel on YouTube to see the selection process.

For all Glenfiddich had on the Malt Mission and distillery info, click HERE.


Incredibly clean, a well-dressed gentleman. Raisins, sour plums, cranberries, and honey. Dried fruits with big, sherried french kisses. Water unleashes vanilla ice cream.

Powerful and bready, gorgeous chocolate croissant flavour. Reminiscent of very fine cognac. Big, soul-seducing oak, grapes and cinnamon.


An absolute treat. My tasting notes do not do this justice as I simply found it too much of a distraction to type impressions while in its grip. And to put those impressions into words somehow diminished their significance. Silent, contemplative sipping that can assure the battered spirit that the it will persevere. Could be worse.

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