Saturday, May 02, 2009

Spirit of Toronto 2009

Spirit of Toronto 2009
Last year around this time I told you about "a whisky lover's dream," The Spirit of Toronto.

This is a celebration of the water of life (whisky, whiskey, scotch whisky, and congnac) with over 100 drops to try, dozens of exhibitors, live jazz, a killer cocktail bar, a cigar lounge (outside), and ten truly excellent masterclasses, including local maverick John Hall leading folks through creations from Forty Creek, Dave Broom taking whisky lovers to some silent stills/closed distilleries, Mike Nicolson relaying his stories from the ten+ distilleries he worked at while sharing drops from a handful, and many more.

Spirit of Toronto
Friday May 8, 2009

Roy Thompson Hall

Yes, ticket prices have gone up by ten bucks both advance and at the d
oor this year, but the event is worth every penny in that it allows the subjects of Totalitario to enjoy spirits of their choosing without coupon-per-serving systems used by other festivals, perhaps proving that the citizen CAN control their liquor intake and perhaps do not need the state to interfere in selecting what they can and cannot drink.

It will no doubt be a great event and the only thing of its kind in 2009.

Attend. Enjoy. Say "hi".


Tuesday Never Comes... said...

That sounds great Dr. Whisky. Living in Boston, I know what it's like to be in a city that has few adequate whisky events. Liqour in Massachusetts isn't officialy under state control, but it's regulated to the point where even wineries categorically refuse to ship bottles to Mass. citizens.

Recently though, my friend Joe Howell from Federal Wine (Boston, MA) alerted me to a really nice whisky event that's coming to Boston.

It's kind of like Boston's own Whiskeyfest.

On board the deck of a luxury cruise ship, sailing in the boston harbour, attendees will have access to a huge assortment of great whiskies. Dinner is included. The price is pretty good too with tickets going for as low as 75$.

Check out this url for more info:
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Unknown said...

A genuine pleasure to meet you Doc. So much in in so few words, one of which, Totalitario, more than captures the essence of our conversation.

Pradeep Pollachi said...

Dear MR.Whisky-007
I am an Indian who is a fan of your website for last years
Whisky brands which are in Australia..Dan murphy's store
I love scotch blend-My hit list..
JW-Red and Black
Glenlivet-Single malt
Bell's whisky..
Black douglas 12 year old blended
Keep posting...
add more pics..
When you go to India you get different tastes which really blends with chilled Cola or ICE-
South India
Royal Stag-Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad
Royal Challenge- Tamil Nadu-United Breweries

Our famous beer came from Uk
Kingfisher-United breweries...
Strong is tasty...
THis is my humble request.

Kind Regards,
Pradeep Rajkumar.