Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #58

Whyte & Mackay 12yo Premium Reserve
Blended Scotch Whisky
40% abv

An admirer since I first met this blend, I have mentioned this whisky before, tasted it's bastard cousin in these malt missions, and during our North American Adventures I was able to try some from the bottom of a bottle I gave a friend last year.

This whisky won Gold medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition both in 2002 and 2004.


Rich nose with chocolate and strawberries, red grapes, sherry and orange, some faint smokiness with fresh lime on top. Characteristics of grain whisky sit dead in the centre of these impressions allowing the malt notes to venture off in either direction.

Soft and creamy mouthfeel, smoke and sherry, immense earthiness like sitting outside at a farm after a heavy rain. Smoke, hot chocolate, and sherry linger for some time.


A blend that would be a challenge to pinpoint in a blind tasting. Great scope of flavours, with an emphasis on sherry matured malt. The rich malts are so firm and satisfying, the finish so full of smoke and sherry that I have simply never tasted better value for money in a blend. I have recommended this for over a year and if you can find
a bottle, BUY ONE!!! (again, be warned; the 12yo MASTERS RESERVE is NOT the same thing)

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Matthew said...

Wow, you make that sound *really* nice. I love the farm after the rain part. That sold me. I will look for some.