Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #307

Deerstalker 10yo
Single Malt Scotch Whisky

46% abv


$49.95 (CAD)

They say there are over 4000 different expressions of Scotch whisky out there to be tried if you had the determination, money and wherewithal to take part in such a malt mission. While there are a finite amount of functioning distilleries in Scotland, there are, theoretically at least, an infinite amount of labels, brands, independent bottlers, FACES that scotch whisky can wear on the bars and retail shelves of the world. Dr. Whisky has always been clear about his fascination with the hundreds of blended whisky brands, most appearing in very limited markets, around the world. In this case, this is a single malt whisky with a stage name... like Smokehead, Auld Reekie, Stronachie, McClellands, McLeods, etc.

The source distillery of this whisky is Braes of Glenlivet or "Braes" or Braeval as its been known since 1994. Braeval is a relatively recent addition to the world of scotch whisky (built in 1974) and is a distillery that, now that it is back in production after being mothballed since 2002, unseats Dalwhinnie as the highest distillery in Scotland. It is rarely seen as a single malt and has never been bottled by its owners as most of the output has been going to blends (Chivas).


Oily, waxy, linoleum, linseed oil, all balanced with the sweetness of fruit pastilles.

Spirited, even vinous, like grappa. Sandy like, well, sand. And slightly rubbery like wet rain jackets. Freshness in the finish, youthful.


Tasted with friends and after getting over the youngish nature of the flavour profile, the general responses were positive. Nothing special, but not unlikable.

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Matthew said...

You have to admit the name at least is pretty rugged. It's a name that says "I like fine whisky, but I could also kick your ass." It's like a mix between a Robert DeNiro movie and someone with biophilic fetish for wildlife. What would that taste like? Hey, you're the Doctor!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reviewing obscure LCBO picks - time for some Glen Parker

Matthew said...

I tried this yesterday at the Summerhill tasting tower with Inder. The body was a little thin and the nose had more anise than I expected. Nice to try, but I don't think I would stalk this deer for too long.