Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 10

Best whisky bars in Edinburgh
Bennets Bar
8 Leven St.
Edinburgh, Scotland

So we made it to ten posts under the BEST PUBS IN EDINBURGH banner. Should it stop here?

If so, there is no better place to end than one of the pubs I miss most. I could walk in here any time of day (and I mean ANY time) and find friendly folk and the creamiest pint of 80/- at the ideal temperature. It would never take long to slug back one of these barley milkshakes.

Add to that a bar with great history: from the private nook up front to the dimples from canes on the bar to the embedded water taps for cutting your whisky (they have nearly 100, and some oddities, too!) to the gorgeous woodwork and beautiful Victorian mirrors. I left my heart in Bennets, and it is lovely to know that I can always go back there to pick it up.

Something visitors always noted was the fact that the men's room has a great urinal as well, if that is something even worth mentioning. I always loved the acoustics in that room. As a result, men can often be heard singing their way through a slash.

And please remember, as a good friend once put it, "one does not go into the Green Room."

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Matthew said...

Ah, Bennett's. Loved it.

What's the "Green Room" reference?

Anonymous said...

Yes, it should stop there. Bring back the whisky. So many to sample, so little time.

Anonymous said...

I hate Edinburgh!
Talk about Glasgow!!!!!!


Dr. Whisky said...

Green Room is the name of the second bar and extra seating area through the back of Bennets, also accessible via a sidestreet. It is not worth staying at Bennets if this is where you end up hanging out. Better at Burlington Bertie around the corner on Tarvit.