Monday, August 11, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 9

The Cloisters Bar
26 Brougham St.


0131 221 9997

A wonderful pub that is regularly busy and therefore doesn't really need my promotion, but a pub this good cannot go unmentioned on a list of this nature.

With an ever-changing selection of guest ales, this is an excellent place for real ales that comes complete with a seal of approval from CAMRA. Add Dr. Whisky's seal of approval for their excellent selection of single malt whiskies all served in 35ml servings AND in appropriate glassware. Excellent dramming to be had.

Furthermore, you can add to the drinking benefits of this pub the fact that their is no music played, that there is a working fireplace, gorgeous old beer and spirits mirrors. Yup, add all this up and you have the makings of an absolutely wonderful pub experience, which is why you will rarely be the only folks enjoying its pleasures.

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Anonymous said...

This is my favourite pub in Edinburgh. The cask beer selection is great and it's always in top nick which is a rare thing in Scotland.