Friday, July 18, 2008

Best Pubs in Edinburgh, Part 3

Staying in the heart of the old town, I continue my list of the best places to drink and be merry in Edinburgh.

Happy Friday.

The Bow Bar
80 West Bow
Edinburgh, Scotland
0131 226 7667

Located on your way down Victoria Street (or West Bow), into what sometimes can feel like a different century, lies The Bow Bar. The five visiting cask ales are always impressive and well-kept and while the malt list is extensive (150 or so) it is also relatively expensive. Nonetheless, the malts of the month are worth trying, fairly priced, and the occasional splurge for a 27 year old indie bottling of Springbank, Clynelish, or Dallas Dhu are often worth it cuz the charming bar staff won't flinch and they will have the courtesy to serve it in the appropriate glassware.

I love the buzz in this place right after work, but be warned, it often closes quite early. Great mirrors and old adverts adorn the walls of this cozy, one-room pub. Worth checking out for the visiting ales alone, but whisky nerds will love to leaf through their malt menu.

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