Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #208

McKendric Western Style Whiskey
American Whiskey
45.2% abv

I really haven't had enough (any?) American whisky on the mission. Dr. Whisky is under-representing a large section of the whisk(e)y industry. I will try to remedy this over the next century on the Malt Mission.

Considering the drops we have been having since Malt Mission 200, this phrase has become more difficult to say, but here goes... "and now for something completely different." Hello, McKendric's Western Style Whiskey.

The label proudly states "naturally flavoured and coloured with wood oak and mesquite chips." Apparently this is a grain whiskey [corn(51%?), rye, and barley(pot still?)] that matures in charred new-oak casks like most American whiskey and boubon, and is then 'mellowed' in a style similar to the Lincoln County Process but with mesquite as well as sugar maple wood chips/charcoal. Yee-haw.

So this is probably very young spirit with false accents of age due to wood-chipping...(seems clever to me)... probably not all that different from the whiskey consumed back in the "good ole days", matured as long as the cask(s) saddled to your steed yielded spirit, suffocating the white dog. So the name "Western Style" is probably quite accurate, thus making the word "whiskey" the most dubious on the label.

Tasted with Colin Harvey and his "notes" appear in "quotes."


"Not subtle." Spicy, cinnamon gum, root beer, spearmint verging on orange Listerine. "Trebor mints." Pretty busy, even complex, but certainly not well-intergrated.

Hot and bothered, angry. Not unlike the nose, really. Cloves, some bbq associations(smoke, coal, burnt rib ends), "sweet and bloody odd." Some leather and hippie incense in the finish, "(chewing sound) Really dry, like chewing on a cinnamon stick"


I am torn simply because although I wouldn't run out to taste this again, I would probably accept it if it was offered, would be willing try it with sarsaparilla and lime, and would certainly recommend trying it. Once. Pretty cool bottle, too.

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