Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Get Involved in the Drammies

Discouraged by the state of democracy where you live? Feel your voice is never heard? Get involved in a grassroots voting scheme where you pick the candidates and have a real say in who can become a winner and who can become a wiener... in the nation of Whisky.

Kevin Erskine (The Scotch Blog) is running another year of whisky awards cleverly titled 'The Drammies' (a play on 'The Grammy Awards' or 'Grammies', an American music award). Categories this year include awards for best innovations, marketing, bang for buck, and more.

With the Malt Mission launched January 1 2007, perhaps you should think of Dr. Whisky for the Best New Product (non-whisky) category!!!

Visit The Scotch Blog's Drammies page, get read-up, nominate, and vote!

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