Friday, August 10, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #135

Bunnahabhain 33 yo, 1971
cask #6248, 204 bottles
Islay Single Malt Whisky
46% abv

Please insert Duracell, Viagra, and Bruce Willis-as-an-action-hero comparisons here. Yes, I'm still going. Thanks for reading. We've got a bunch of tasty drops in the pipeline. If there is ever anything you think I should try/you want me to try, get in touch. The doctor is always in.

This marks the end of two Islay weeks here on the mission. Sure, it wasn't always a delight to down peated whisky in the AM, but it was certainly memorable. If you need more Islay in your life, go shopping (see links to the left) or read:
- Andrew Jefford's excellent "Peat Smoke and Spirit"
- Islay(and Jura)'s community newspaper The Ileach
- And be sure to check out Armin's informative and fun Islay Blog.

Just to clarify the pronunciation notes I gave for "Bunnahabhain" a few days ago, listen to this.
(Lamb)BHUNA(Yee)HAW(ha)VIN(me some fun tonight).

Although affectionately called 'Bunny' by many, we all know no one would appreciate such a nickname. Even with the best intentions, it would come off sounding a bit condescending, no? Like calling your buddy Constantine 'Tiny', Anthony 'Ant', or Kincaid 'AIDS'. All Bunnahabhains tasted as a part of the Malt Mission can be found HERE.

This is an independent bottling from Royal Mile Whiskies. Thanks for the taster, guys. AND DON'T MISS their amazing WHISKY FRINGE 2007 next weekend (Aug18-19). It is an absolutely incredible event: all the great independent exhibitors and the big boys too, great masterclasses, no patronising drink limits, gorgeous historic Edinburgh venue, fewer know-it-all whisky nerds than WhiskyLIVE, and a great ticket price that includes a discount on Royal Mile Whisky goods. I think there are still some tickets for Sunday(when the stands open all their fancy old stuff).

* - I think this was the price. Doesn't really matter; it was a brilliant price and they're all gone now anyways, so who cares?


Baked goods, apple pie, incredible oaky vanilla, butter tarts, honey, and a tingly ocean presence of salt and sand. Very appetising, mellow, malty, and seductively sweet.

Great impact, very Bunnahabhain. Ocean wave delivers honey and vanilla, oak and malt, then the wave breaks with salt, thyme, some saffron, and chicken broth. Wide spectrum of rolling flavours, if you know what I mean, and I am convinced I am getting earth, peat, but not smoke, in the finish with a mouthwatering oakiness that stimulates all corners of my mouth.


Love it. Great bourbon cask characteristics shine through the Bunnahabhain salty tang and honeyed malt, never losing its distillery character despite 33 years in oak. Could drink this all day, I mean, night (TGIF)
A most charming thirty-something... know anyone who fits that description?

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