Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Still relevant?

God, has it been quiet around here. 
Sure, we have had over a million unique visitors to date, still see 400 visitors a day on this long (13 months!) dormant blog, and Dr. Whisky keeps busy with whisky and more, but worthy of praise?

I thank Karen and Matt for including me on their list of top blogs, and after all, even a dormant web log is, by definition a web log, but seriously? Seriously? 

I thank all of you for continuing to visit and share, for following me on twitter (@dr_whisky), on facebook, and for checking out my new outlet on The Balvenie.com. 
In fact, right now I am prepping my colleagues for a series of pretty controversial posts about cold fingering and the projected myths about maturation...

So business as usual, just not in these pages. Go get informed via the links to the left.

See you all in the real world soon.


Alaric jones said...

hey i love visiting this site. I always check out what dr whisky says before anything else. You've got a good formula here that's working and there's no reason to change it that i can see.

so keep it up, one dram at a time.

happy drimpoing


(sorry, should have said 'drinkning')

'drink.ing' aght! pass a glass..

dCats said...

Yeah, i miss the daily posts but still use this site regularly for reference as my own "malt mission" continues. So thanks. Now come back and post more!