Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Malt Mission 2010 #381

glen moray scotch whisky tasting
Glen Moray 12yo
Speyside Single Malt Whisky

40% abv


$34.99 (USD)

Built in 1897 out of the old West Brewery, Glen Moray has been a 4 still workhorse for blended whiskies for decades. Macdonald and Muir, later to become Glenmorangie plc (1996), purchased Glen Moray in 1920 and launched it as a single malt in the 1960s. In 1999, the owners, no-doubt under the guidance of Dr. Bill Lumsden, began using wine casks to 'finish' the whiskies.

When I lived in Scotland, Glen Moray was often the whisky one would find in Scotmid, Sainsbury or Tesco on offer for something silly like £13. Never disappointed, I confess to encouraging the supermarket slashing for which the Glenmorangie company (then owners of Glen Moray) was widely criticised.

After Glenmorangie's decision to stop business in the blended scotch market and focus on Ardbeg and Glenmornagie, Glen Moray's future was unknown. Sold in Spetember 2008 to French company La Martiniquaise, many hope that Glen Moray can get the exposure, and credit, it has long been due.
To my mind, there are several whiskies on the market that sell for twice as much money that are half as good. To date, arguably the closest Glen Moray came to respect in the eyes of whisky snobs was as the "oops!" ingredient in Serendipity. Let's hope the new owners can show the world what Glen Moray is more than a £13 sale item.


Jammy, fruity, and sweet. Malty notes ,fudge, and honey. Starchy potato aromas and a mild perfume of vanilla and cloves, as well.

Malty and fruity notes gently present themselves through an over all sweet, oaky flavour. Parsley, toffee and some floral notes emerge with a licorice and wood finish.


Nothing earth shattering here, but an easy, balanced, classic Speyside-style whisky that is thoroughly enjoyable and remarkably under-appreciated. Find some? Buy some. Guilt-free dramming that pleases both the palate and the wallet.

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Anonymous said...

Great whisky, was told by the distillery they have a new owner and at present time is no longer distributed in U.S. I went and cleaned out the stores in my area of it. Hope when they get a new distributor they stock their 18yo.
Very underrated, found it for $20(US)and feel it's better than some $60+ whiskies (I'm poor, $60 is my limit)