Monday, January 25, 2010

Malt Mission 2010 #378

Connemara 12yo
Irish Single Malt Whiskey
40% abv
$95 (USD)

Another Irish drop, and an unusual one at that as it's only distilled twice (most Irish is triple-distilled). And in pot stills, no less, the way God intended...

"The saviour of Irish whisky", the artist formerly known as John Teeling, purchased this County Louth-based distillery and Christened it Cooley, the artist formerly known as Ceimici Teo. Launched in 1996, Connemara was the name they gave the pot-still produced spirit and in 2003 this limited-availability 12 year old was launched.

While many spirits producers saw tough times in 2008-9, Teeling and company reaped the rewards of their continued investment (buying new stills, firing up the long silent Kilbeggan, building a new bottling plant, repackaging Connemara...) reporting a 50% jump in sales and doubling of profit*

For more distillery info or to see all Connemara had on the mission, click HERE.

*- MWY2010


If my nose had teeth and a jaw it would be chewing these aromas. Heavy, musky, oily, damp, swampy. And all the while pleasant and appetising.

Softer than expected, fire blackened marshmallow, honey, burnt wood, sweet tobacco smoke. Szechuan peppercorn (take that Malt Impostor!), buttery croissants, jam, and a nice fruit and oak balance.


mmmYeah. Deeply diggable. And I dug it, dig?

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Anonymous said...

hey sam, may i take this opportunity to wish you a very happy anniversary. hope all is well,


Matthew said...

And Happy Robbie Burns Day!