Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #349

Glenmorangie Sonnalta
Glenmorangie Sonnalta
Highland Single Malt Whisky

46% abv

$70 (USD)

You know when you come home and feel like enjoying a whisky but can't find one on your shelf that you fancy? Well this can happen no matter how vast your selection is and it is a phenomenon that blows my little whisky-soaked mind but completely puzzles friends and family. 4, 10, 40, 400 bottles and not a drop to drink. When you get this feeling, I officially welcome you to geek country.

At the beginning of 2009, Glenmorangie announced a new line of "private expressions" to be released. Glenmorangie Sonnalta (meaning "generous") is the first of the series and is only available at selected Duty Free.

For more distillery info and to see all Glenmorangies had on the mission, click HERE.


Fruity and light in spite of the often weighty influence of Pedro Ximenez casks. Beachy, with the aromas of suntan lotion (coconut, jojoba) and sea air. Chocolate covered raisins, banana chips, apple cider and dessert wine are also wound up with the beautiful Glenmorangie vanilla notes.

Big and initially oily on the palate with cinnamon, pears and apples, with hints of mint and salt as well. Dries out and gets your mouth ready for another sip through a finish of flan and oak. Very appetizing and very quaffable.


Light but rich, full but restrained, spicy but wonderfully sweet. An aperitif style sherried malt if ever there was one, but equally well-suited for enjoying al fresco with dessert. How seasonally appropriate...

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Yossi said...

Can this be gotten at Duty-Free ships in the US or just Europe/UK? I hope it's available in the US!

Yossi (Joshua)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yossi, I saw it at LAX just last week - already available over there!

Dr. Whisky said...

And a friend and Glenmorangie tells me it is slowly trickling in to USA Duty Free as we speak.

Yossi said...

Wonderful, thanks! I'll be going through ORD in a couple of weeks -- hopefully I'll see a bottle to pick up.