Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #339

Glen Grant 1973 34yo
The Single Malts of Scotland
Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky
54.7% abv

No, not THIS Glen Grant, the one that is in Rothes, across from Caperdonich distillery, or what used to be known as Glen Grant no.2 (1898-1965).

Glen Grant is a top selling single malt worldwide and an absolute behemoth pumping out nearly 6million litres per year and now, with 8 new stills being installed by 2010 production volumes could double. Yowza. Currently owned by Camapari, Glen Grant is a #5 single malt brand worldwide although we tend not to hear about it as much as some other top 10 malts.

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Sweet, spicy and nutty, with dried apricots, dates, and raisins. Apples and ginger, Dairy Milk, and a touch of damp cleaning rag.

Rich and weighty with even more nuttiness, gingery spice, and cakey maltiness. Oak and spice bound by a creamy mouthfeel with scrumptious sherried elements in abundance without ever dominating the spirit itself.


Tasty, rich, decadent stuff that to my perceptions really impressed on the palate as once I found the bungy element on the nose, it was hard to shake. So i sipped. And I liked.

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