Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #335

Crazy Glen 1976
Highland (Blended) Malt Scotch Whisky
43% abv


The bottle has a fantastic image of a wild-eyed horse and proudly states "Over 5 Years Old". Ah, what a surefire promise of quality.

Crazy Glen was featured in our crazy whisky bar at our crazy Canadian Norwegian Jewish Scottish Burns Night Wedding in London last month and was one of the few bottles completely drained (and, from what I understand, dumped into a trashcan in Hyde Park) by the end of the night. There can be no better whisky review than that, really. Nonetheless...


Waxy and full of apricot sweetness, and some leather. Clementines and shortbread, vanilla, apples, and still some leathery element. Shockingly complex and very pleasant.

Big wave of vanilla and lemons, buttery oak and a touch of smoke. Finish offers the first hints that the bottle might have been sitting around for over nearly 30 years with plastic or a dusty wrapping-paper drawer smell. Still, very full-flavoured and satisfying.


Overall, a crazy surprise that I am only too glad I managed to win at almost two years ago. An old-school, highland style whisky rarely found these days, especially at such a ripe young age. Perhaps whisky DOES mature in the bottle as a recent article in Malt Advocate First Quarter 2009 suggests...

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Line Diemer Lyng said...

Its a kind of magic!
Looking through pics of this amazing ScottishNorweganJewishCanadian wedding I went to, I suddenly saw the bottle of Crazy Glen in someone elses hand i.e. before I sucked the last drop out of it and no, did not dump it in a trash can, but carefully arranged it on the pavement otside Hyde Park for everyone to cherish. "I wonder if that thing can be bought for money" I thought to myself, and googled "crazy glen 1976". Only one result came up (apart from a myspace site for Crazy Glen, single male New York...), and it was a malfunctioning, poor whiskysite, that didnt give me anything. "I'll go consult the doctor" I then thought. Hopping to this blog, first thing that pops up is Crazy Glen, a great review and ohh it all fits so well together. And in fact, maybe its ok it cant be bought for money, for it was sure shared with love.

Anonymous said...

Mrs. Dr. Whisky missed out on this joy of a dram. Too busy dancing the ceilidh i suppose. Will keep my eyes on for future purchases...

Matthew said...

For the record, we did not dump it in a trash can. We placed it along a stone wall across from the park, like a memorial to the whisky that once was.

I wish we had some more! I loved the Crazy Glen!