Monday, January 19, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #332

Glenfiddich 40yo
Speyside Single Malt Whisky
45.4% abv


Yes, I have had three 40yo whiskies in a row on the Malt Mission, what of it? It's a hard life. The decadent dramming has been to celebrate our wedding this coming weekend. I welcome challengers for the best wedding whisky bar cuz I think we've nailed it. Naturally. Heheh...

Released about 9 months ago, this is the 5th edition of this ultra-premium release from family distillers, William Grant and Sons, and it is a commemorates the life and work of Michael Jackson who passed away back at Malt Mission #150. David Stewart selected 5 casks over 40 years old to vat with the remnants of past vattings of the 40yo creating a whisky that is incredibly deep and rich, but most importantly carries a consistency from year to year, batch to batch. Ludo from Glenfiddich explains HERE.

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Sweet and rich with fistfuls of flavour punching out of the glass. Fudge, cinnamon and brown sugar with baked apples or pears, weighty sherried notes with oak and clotted cream. Brightness of lemon zest, sweet, layered honey and pastry (baklava?), and the slightest nose of leather, the only significant hint of the substantial age.

Caramel, rye, cranberry sweet/sourness, waffle cones and oak all lay their impressions upon my mouth simultaneously. Chocolate covered raisins and toffee. Increasingly toasty, even burnt, towards a woody and fruity finish. Dangerously drinkable with such well-rounded flavours.


Incredible, but I think we already knew that after all the awards this release has won. Jackson himself called Glenfiddich at mature ages "a raisiny, chocolatey after dinner malt" and this one fits his description perfectly. Elegant and world class. Not cheap, but casks of this quality (only 600 bottles, after all) are worth every penny.

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sku said...

Will HP 40 be next? I await my next vicarious thrill.

Anonymous said...

Glenfiddich has ben allways one of my favorites. great post, will keep following your blog!