Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #220

Glenfiddich 1976
Vintage Reserve Selection 2007

Single Malt Scotch Whisky
51.9% abv

Merry Christmas.

During the week of Malt Mission 200 celebratory posts I wrote about Christmas offers and made an addendum. In that post I asked Santa for the Glenfiddich 1976, a new release from my year of birth carefully selected by David Stewart, Brian Kinsman and six other talented noses (
for more info visit Glenfiddich's page on the selection of the 1976 cask HERE.) Only days later "Santa" emailed me to say that he and the elves would be pleased to make my Christmas wish come true. [Yes, Ian Buxton, this was someone at the Red Consultancy (see Ian's related piece HERE)].

Within the week I had received a sample of the vintage. This morning we opened it with my other Christmas presents. I chose to share this gift with Kristin's brother Espen, another 1976-er (his notes appear in quotes below). The cask was an European oak third fill ex-sherry cask. There are only 549 of these babies available worldwide from the year of the dragon, filled to cask January 16, 1976, and only 33 of these bottles are available in the UK.

For all Glenfiddichs had on the mission click HERE.

Again, Merry Chirstmas... and big thanks to BM for sending the drop.


Light and fresh, with some mentholic whiffs that hit with strength. Sweet with a very pleasant bitter edge. Fruity (apples) and floral (lillies or something... I don't really know flowers). Like a flowershop, a little bit of vanilla, and "still a bit spirity, spicy." Great development with time in the glass.

Luscious mouthfeel, slightly minty, sweet, "and very smooth". Warming sherry shift upon swallowing, getting more oaky and slightly toasty with fruity sweetness, some orange, apricots and apples, among others. "I just had a teeny bit and it lasts forever. It makes the texture in my mouth... different."


A sophisticated old whisky, that is rich but light, tender but strong. Like many great aged whiskies, this cannot be quickly consumed and judged, it demands we slow our lives down and consider the whisky for a good length of time. Charlie Maclean has written that whisky is Scotland's most generous gift to the world and this Christmas season, as ever, we are all infinitely thankful.

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