Thursday, August 16, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #139

Springbank 15 yo
Cambeltown Single Malt Whisky
46% abv

It is my birthday. I apologise to some of you keeners for the late posts over the past few days, been busy in the run-up to today's birthday lie-in. Ah. And it gets better: Kristin is making me blueberry pancakes.
Right, down to business...

Some believe that the art and science of whisky making arrived on the shores of Scotland first touching down on the Kintyre peninsula via Antrim in Northern Ireland. The area provided ample amounts of peat, had a coal mine within easy reach, and perfect sea access to the ports of Glasgow and the wide world of whisky.

Located in Campbeltown on the Kintyre peninsula, Springbank is still a 'traditional' distillery, growing and malting a good deal of its own barley, using local peat, maturing every drop of their product on site, and bottling most of it there, too.

Springbank uses one wash still and two spirit stills. The wash still is unique in being direct fired (gas) as well as using steam coils. They are the only distillery producing three different whiskies (Springbank, Longrow, Hazelburn) and have inspired other distilleries to try similar projects (Bruichladdich, Tomintoul/Ballantruan, Edradour, etc.)

This 15yo followed the short and limited release of a 21yo (2005). For more info, all Springbank posts can be found HERE.


Chordal in the nose. Harmonious. Split impressions between coastal aromas up high, a sweet maltiness in the middle, and warming sherry down low. Orange, salt and sugar. Yeasty, with coconut and strawberry jam.

Creamy with a great bourbon and sherry balance. Spicy, oaky, and the Springbank maritime presence is felt. Long oaky finish.


A beautifully struck chord, sustained for minutes. Won't be ideal for everyone's tastes but certainly has a little something for everyone. Hillwalker? Enjoy this at the top of some Ben or deep in some Glen. Fisherman? Have some this perched on a sea struck rock. Smoke? Grab a cigar or pipe and suck it back with a dram of this stuff in your hands. Whatever, just enjoy it. Very nice whisky outdoors, indoors, above or below sea level, or as a cigar malt.

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday man! Enjoy those pancakes. Some good maple syrup to go with them?

Anonymous said...

happy b-day you gin-soaked freak!

thanks for keeping up the triple-sec blog but am i being too forward in asking you to start an additional web-page containing your witty anecdotes, clever musings, illogical rants and such? about random topics of your choice?i am asking and thank you either way.

much hugs from toronto, ontario!


Matthew said...

maybe it's the musical references, but i really liked that review. must find a dram of that one some day.

hope you had a fantastic birthday.