Friday, January 26, 2007

Malt Mission 2007 #20

Ardbeg Uigeadail
Islay Single Malt Whisky
54.2% abv

Happy mouth and healthy liver!!! End of Week 4 of this Malt Mission. Lets end it with a bang.

Ardbeg was a MacDougall family distillery from its birth in 1815 to 1959 when the fate of the distillery was put very much in the hands of the Lord(s of the Isles).

Hiram Walker became owners in 1976 and were responsible for a few sad stretches of history for the distillery, the closing of the maltings in 1980, demolishing three warehouses, and the mothballing(ceasing production but keeping the facilities to produce intact) of the distillery between 1981 and 1989.

It went back into limited production when Allied Vinters(later "Allied Distillers") bought Hiram Walker. Since Glenmorangie bought the distillery in 1997 the place has been reborn to the benefit of whisky lovers the world over.

A beautiful distillery to visit and fall in love with the setting, all the ornate celtic designs on the stills, the colour schemes in each room, and the warehouses filled with air suited for angels (whisky nerd pun intended).

Despite whisky's special history in Canada for many reasons, some stories less known than others, the LCBO still does not carry this heavenly nectar. (You can get the Ardbeg 10yo, though)


Sweet, but sweaty and very smoky. Lamb and mint. Lime. Norwegian smoked salmon and jars of herring. Caraway seeds. Red plums. Shaving cream. Smoked cheese. Beach parties with fires, cigarettes and other smokables, wet bathing suits, and sexy salty skin. And I could go on... Bloody heck, this thing just doesnt stop giving!

Somehow enters the mouth softly, amazing at the strength! The taste is hot and bothered, but soft. Powerful yet not pushy. Immense peat fires. Cocoa and weak instant coffee. Long sweet malty finish.


I wonder if they just sold the water from Loch Uigeadail, Ardbegs water source, if it would taste much like this and reveal why Ardbeg has such a special flavour. A peat lover's dream, a great price for the impact. Definietly a mood dram, but not only for days you've seen car crashes and crying children. Masterful stuff. (See this videoblogger's review. He is unpretentious and really quite passionate which is great, but the best part is that his camerca can only film 2mins57sec so he always gets cut off. Brilliant)

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