Tuesday, July 11, 2006

It's About Dram Time

I welcome myself... and you... to this new forum.

Initially, I thought this would be a good idea as I noticed my inbox becoming filled with volleys of emails: whisky questions and answers with people in the industry, debates and discussions about whisky issues with friends, whisky news updates, etc...

I have heard it said about serious wine drinkers that if they drank wine as often as they talked about the stuff, they would seldom live a sober minute.
Well, we whisky folk try very hard to do an equal amount of both.
This blog will hopefully bring about a reasonable (and a due) balance.

So here is Dr. Whisky, a prescription (hopefully) not just for me.
I hope it will be a focal point for whisky beginners, legendary professionals, like-minded barley spirit anoraks, malt maniacs, peat-freaks, whiskycasters, scotch bloggers, and 'viscimetrists' alike, while acting as a place to focus the whisky nerd tendencies of friends far and wide.

Dear Lord(of the Isles), bless this space, make it a place to fill with random crap about Blended, Single Malt, vatted malt and/or blended malt and/or whatever the SWA has decided to call the mixed product of more than one single malt without grain whisky by the time you read this.

Amen... and Slainthe!

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Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the blog, Doctor! I look forward to reading about all the quality whiskies unavailable to me out here in Africa.