Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Breakfast Whisky, Master of Malt 8yo

Not only have the good people of Master of Malt created a beautiful blended whisky for under £20 (to be tasted as a part of the malt mission at a later date) but they have asked some online whisky geeks to share their ideas for ways in which to consume it.

They invited Dr. Whisky to create a cocktail with their perfectly-lovely-as-is blended whisky. I told them, "I am not a mixologist." They said that was exactly why they were asking me. "But I am not a medical doctor!" Their response, "thank god."

So here it goes.

The "cocktail" is called Breakfast Whisky. Let's begin with what you will need to make it:

whisky blog cocktailYou will need NONE of the above items to make this cocktail.

But, you will need ALL of the below

I want to create something to balance the care, cost, and quality of this whisky. The whisky is full of cream soda, vanilla and grape juice. Really juicy whisky. I need to ride that wave. First I thought Ribena, but then the Aha! moment: Vimto! If equivalent in size, the Fizzy Vimto would cost £1.17 to the whisky's £20. Wow, the critics are right. Whisky IS expensive! Fizzy Vimto comes in this nice small bottle for only 39 pence. And for something so tiny and cheap, they sure pack a lot of ingredients in there! The whisky only has water, yeast, wheat and barley. Rip-off!

1 part Master of Malt 8yo Blended Scotch Whisky
2-4 parts Fizzy Vimto (depending what kind of morning* you desire)
Some ice
1 mint sprig
Jam (of your choosing)

Put your toast in the toaster. Mix the liquid ingredients together over ice (ice optional). Remove toast and apply jam. In turn, take gentle sips of the drink and slap yourslef in the face with mint sprig.

Good morning and enjoy!

* I am not actually suggesting that you drink alcohol for breakfast. However, if you do, I recommend it with vimto and a mint sprig slap to the face.


Joshua said...

Sadly - I can't get Vitmo here in the states.

I'm with you on the deliciousness of the 8yo MoM blend! Nice stuff!

Dr. Whisky said...

Bah, of course you can. It's America! http://www.myersofkeswick.com/products/grocery/drinks-cold/
Cream soda will work as well, best if you can add a drop of concentrated grape or blackcurrant into it, too.

Anonymous said...

Er... sorry to be a pedant... but surely you place BREAD in the toaster. If you used toast as suggested you'd be smearing jam on a slice of carbon and not toast?


Scott Filip said...

thanks to this entry, i've begun slapping everyone i know in the face with mint sprigs.

i can now attest that it's a truly transformative herb.

Neil Caskstrength said...

Sam old bean- this is a genius cocktail. I'm off to make one now and slap myself in the face with some foliage...


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