Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Going Global

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Hi. Long time no see.

While I have not been producing much on Dr. Whisky, I do promise I have been keeping busy spreading the gospel of whisky both at work and at play.

We held a tasting for Balvenie that had been a whisky geek dream of mine for some time now: to taste the full historical range of The Balvenie. While we didn't have everything, we had a pretty damn near complete archive, all open, all available for sampling for Warehouse 24 members. It really was amazing. (For facebookers, photos are HERE, video HERE)

But the geek dream continues. I was invited to become The Balvenie Global Ambassador and I couldn't be more honoured, excited, anxious, etc. Back in May 2008 I announced on this blog that Dr. Whisky had accepted a job in the whisky industry/gone corporate/sold his soul/got your dream job in the USA and today that dream continues on a Global level. I look forward to meeting more whisky lovers from all over the whiskyverse and am so grateful to everyone that has helped me along my malt mission. THANK YOU and see you soon.

But I am not writing this post to write about myself. I wanted to write a post about the outstanding work being done on other blogs that I read, namely Yossi's Balvenie week (obviously), Oliver's controversial, informative and provocative posts on Dramming.com, Jason (et al) and their innovative and interesting Whisky Roundtable (no, I do not have a seat), and the recent amazing guest posts on What Does John Know. The world wide web is soaked in whisky, it seems, and we are all the better for it.

More on these pages soon, I promise. I have a ton of samples to get through before moving back across the pond! It's a hard life.


Jason JY said...

Sincere thanks for the Round Table plug. Much appreciated, Sam.

Very best of luck with the Global Ambassadorship and I'm looking forward to finally meeting you in three weeks.


Gal Granov said...

Wow. very nice work Sam.
good luck with the new job and have a Shana Tova!

Gal,Whisky Israel

Joshua (Yossi) said...

Herr Doktor,
A kind thank you for the mention of my blog (and of course for the nod to Jason's WRT of which I am a proud member).

The best of luck in the new position (I wonder if they say the same to adult film stars...)!

L'Shana Tovah,
Joshua "Yossi" Hatton

The Whisky Wire said...


Congrats on becoming Mr Global! ;)

I hope that means we'll get a chance to share a dram in the UK sometime soon!


StrongLikeCask said...

Wow. Killer, Sam. Congratulations.

Now that you have some real pull, let's talk about some Balvenie Islay Cask samples :)

Tim F said...

Chuffed for you mate - you deserve it.

On a selfish level, also delighted you'll be back over on our side of the pond :)

Jeff H said...

Congratulations on the Global Ambassadorship, sir!

I imagine you'll be traveling quite a bit, but is "home base" actually going to be at the distillery?


lafew said...

This was quite a send off, Sam! Of course, it had to be. You can't imagine what what it feels like to see the ship about to go to sea and lack the paddle power to reach NYC. Congrats, again, on the incredible position. Saw D.S. and your sidekick Mr. Weir in Chicago.

Neil said...

Superb news sir and wholehearted congratulations on your new job. You musty give us a shout when you're heading this way.

All the best from us!

Neil + Joel