Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wee Whisky Month 1

Wee Whisky 1 month old
68% abv or pretty damn near
$ not for sale

Maturation is a slow process and one shouldn't watch the pot. In the month since birth the liquid has gone from clear to light gold. The child has changed, too. I was on the road for a 5 day stretch and there were noticeable changes when I returned. With the child, I ob
viously want to spend every minute, but with the whisky not so much.

I admire distillers for having the patience to just fill a cask and leave it the hell alone. I don't have the patience for this!
I want to get to know you, already. What kind of person will you be? What are you going to like and what are you going to hate? Will you be a funny? Serious? Outgoing? Shy? Who are you already!?!!

As far as tasting notes go, the only fair thing to do is to compare to the new make/white dog as all it is (so far) is really new make plus.


Brown sugar sweetness replaces the vegetal aromas of the new make, with some cake mix and apple aromas, too.

Very new make-y on the palate. Wow. 68% abv!


Sweet, young, and strong. But of course I would say so, I'm her father. With water I can taste more, but it really is just yellow new make. I think this stuff might last a year in this cask... and then we will have a 1st birthday party to remember.

Wee Whisky Week 1

(thanks for the shoes, K&E!!!)

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