Thursday, March 26, 2009

Malt Mission 2009 #345

George T. Stagg whiskey
George T. Stagg

2007 edition

Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

72.4% abv


Since being launched in 2002 as a part of Buffalo Trace's "Antique Collection", George T. Stagg has made quite a reputation for itself among boozehounds worldwide. High proof, well-aged, and rare, the stuff cannot be sipped and forgotten; it makes an impression.

Awarded Best American Whiskey in the World at the 2008 World Whisky Awards and a great way to end our "week" of American whiskeys here on the Malt Mission.

Each release is usually around 15 years old and this drop was distilled in 1992. George T. Stagg whiskey is named after the man who was responsible for building the distillery that is known today as Buffalo Trace, a name taken from the tale that the distillery itself sits upon an ancient meandering trail of migrating buffalo.

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Tasted with GS. Thanks for the drops, brother. Now go put Aurora to bed.


Rich and nougaty, baklava and Honey Nut Cheerios. Maple, that red chinese dipping sauce, gingerbread, fudge, and sourdough.

Strong, but sippable. Invigorating. Chewy. Buttery, chillied, and miraculously warming. Cucumber skin freshness but weighted with butterscotch and applesauce, boozy boozy applesauce. Water is not absolutely necessary (believe it or not), but WOW does it unleash berries, syrup, and a gorgeous oaky creaminess left only in the best American oak casks.


I wanted more with every sip, and refilled my glass several times. Truly riveting like a well-made action movie seen in the cinema... however you really need to be in the mood for this kind of movie.

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John said...

Best bourbon ever.

Anonymous said...

doc, good to see you lining up a few bourbons. keep 'em comin'

-ellie. said...

Dr. Whisky! So I think I've found something you've yet to comment about. Wathen's! The reviews about it is lacking and I've only recently seen it on the shelves, yet they claim to be an 8th generation of Kentucky Straight Bourbon makers. So should I...will I have to pick up a bottle for us all to muse over?

Rumela said...

Its name evokes thoughts of Europe, and in a way, it is indirectly named for the Bourbon monarchs of Europe. Most historical sources espouse the theory that the name actually comes from Bourbon County, named in honor of settlers' former Bourbon French rulers. This county was originally located in Virginia, but due to moving of boundary lines on numerous occasions, Bourbon County is currently in Kentucky. thank you for shearing your post.