Monday, February 16, 2009

Drammies 2008

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Perhaps a bit late for me to call this an "announcement," but Kevin Erskine has announced the reader-nominated candidates in the 2008 Drammies.

Go have a look and vote!

Last year Dr. Whisky himself was voted BY YOU as the Best New Product (non-whisky) and this year the contenders include Richard Paterson's Goodness Nose, the blog of whisky lovers I left back in London, and my absolutely favourite resource (in ANY given year), The Malt Whisky Yearbook 2009.

Other categories of note are the Best Packaging/Marketing Campaign (which remain very distinct categories in my mind, but even King Erskine cannot be perfect) which include both the monolithic Glenmorangie Signet from the mind of Dr. Bill Lumsden (the man largely responsible for his company's nomination in the Distiller of the Year category) and the scientifictional Elements of Islay from the clever bastards at Speciality Drinks.

Finally, one of my favourite categories in the Drammies, The Bang for Buck award has five nominations including the £50/$80 (bang for buck?) Highland Park 18yo, a longtime personal favourite budget tipple Black Bottle, and finally the everyman dram designed by David Stewart, The Balvenie Signature (Malt Mission #297).

Voting ends March 6, 2009

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Joel Harrison & Neil Ridley said...

Thank you for the mention, Dr.W!

Much love from London!

Joel & Neil