Monday, January 07, 2008

Malt Mission 2008 #221

The Gordon Highlanders
Blended Scotch Whisky



$28.15 (CAD)

Glad to be back in London to my own bed, my own kitchen, and back to my morning routine. My body has greatly missed my morning malt and the habit was hard to kick... I was even caught sticking my nose into coffee and orange juice at breakfasts. A great time was had and I hope you had a brilliant Christmas period as well.

And Happy New Year!

Yes, it was a year ago that this Malt Mission began, when I was challenged to taste my way through my shelf for the entertainment of a few whisky liking/loving friends, a much needed impetus on a whisky blog that was pretty pathetic up to that point. As far as I am concerned, THAT was the real birth of Dr. Whisky. And now, here we are 250 whisky blog posts, 220 Malt Missions, and a few small miracles later. Yes, I remain somewhat shocked that this is still going strong with ever-increasing numbers of readers and a queue of whiskies to taste over the coming weeks. Some mornings I really do shake my head. Thanks to those who have shared drops over the year and those who regularly visit to see what whisky the doctor is medicating himself with each day. Here's to another year!!!

Launched in 1994, when the British regiment of the same name was amalgamated with another (more history HERE), The Gordon Highlander is a blended whisky from William Grant and Sons and is yet another bottle discontinued at the LCBO, not that I imagine it was a huge seller. And not that sales seem to have any bearing on which whiskies the LCBO chooses to discontinue.

Enough typing for today. Let's taste.


Floral and fruity with a malty core. Apples and honey, sweet oak and almonds. Some black tea and a touch of sherried spice.

Good density, but very easy drinking. Malt, shortbread, stewed apples, and a pleasant bitter grip of oakiness in the finish with a lingering whiff of roadworks/tar.


Nothing earth-shattering, but affordable, good, clean, easy-drinking blended whisky with a nice speyside-y character. Went down well in a rock n' roll basement in Toronto with folks playing terrible cover tunes... and cover tunes terribly.

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